The decision to build a home is a big one, and with that comes the added decision of choosing from home builders in Missoula to find the one best for you. You want a builder that not only gets the job done, but gets it done right! It is not a decision to take lightly, and the builder you choose should be respectful of the trust you have put in their hands. When choosing your builder, here are some things to take into consideration before ultimately making your final decision.

Have a Good Vision of the Home You Want

To have the best chance of getting exactly what you want, it’s best to have a solid understanding of the type of home you desire.  For example, what is important to you about the design of your home’s interior spaces?  Do you want added extras in your exterior spaces like a deck, outdoor living space, or detached garage? What do you desire for the overall look of your home?

Taking all of the above into account, you should have a budget in mind that is in line with current market conditions in your area. While it is important for a builder to understand a client’s wish list, it benefits both you and the builder if you have a solid understanding of current market value to set realistic expectations and avoid frustration or disappointment.

It also helps to know what kinds of services you would like from your builder upon completion of the home. Post-delivery services are often forgotten, but things like home warranties are important to discuss and understand.

Research Potential Missoula Home Builders

Once you have a plan, take some time to research a variety of home builders in Missoula. You can start by finding information at the builders’ association. Most builders can be found in the yellow pages or through an online search. Also visit home shows to see which builders have homes in the show.

You might search online forums and see who has used a local builder. Ask those around you about builders they have used.  Speak to others about their experiences and their overall satisfaction with their home, especially if they have now been living in it for some time. Talking to previous clients will help you gather information about the builder’s reputation, and to determine the long-term quality of their work.

Schedule Meetings with a Short List of Missoula Builders

Once you have your short list of builders, schedule a meeting to discuss your plans. A builder should pride themselves on integrity, so ask questions. Your builder should appreciate a communicative and candid relationship with mutual respect, and should be very willing to answer any and all of your questions. For example, ask where they will purchase the materials used in your home. Make sure you can thoroughly inspect the home upon completion and before delivery. If you are interested in customization, also be sure to discuss all of this in detail at this meeting.

Select Your Missoula Home Builder

At this point, you are probably close to making your decision about which of the home builders in Missoula is the best choice for you. If your builder of choice is still not clear, do a close comparison based on all of your research and the meetings. Make your final decision based on which will most closely meet all of your needs and has the best reputation.

If you are considering home builders in Missoula, we at Edgell Building would love to speak with you about your building plans. Contact us and we’ll arrange a convenient time to discuss your needs.