When it comes to getting exactly what you want in a house that is truly your perfect home, both in terms of quality and functionality, then there is no better option than choosing to build a custom home.

Working with a custom home builder can be a perfect solution for those looking for a home that is entirely unique.  A custom home is also a great option for those with land who have an abundance of options, or those with the ability to set their own budget and have admired a particular builder’s work.

Working with a custom home builder has many advantages. Many of today’s spec (non-custom) homes are built with a grade of materials that are of lower quality than those custom builders tend to use. The  goal of many spec builders is to minimize costs and maximize profits. In many cases, the materials used and products installed, such as appliances, cabinetry, grade of carpet, and type of flooring, have shortened life expectancies.

Most spec home builders also offer a limited range of house styles, floor plans, and features from which to choose. Very often, what you see is what you get. It is rare for spec builders to honor special requests or go out of their way to meet any special needs you may have.

When building a custom home, these limitations and quality concerns are removed. You have control over almost everything. You select the lot, floor plan, and layout, and work with the builder to select everything from cabinets and flooring, windows and doors, siding, lighting, fixtures, etc. You play a vital role in approving virtually every aspect of the home design.

However, custom home building comes at a price. All of these unique features and the higher grade of products and materials are not sold at the big box stores frequented by spec builders. When building a fully custom home you can expect to pay as much as 2 to 3 times more per square foot for what you would pay for a non-custom home.

If you would love to build a custom home, but are concerned about the cost, there is another option that may present a perfect solution – a semi-custom home. A semi-custom home allows you to select certain features and to choose from various options, while keeping the budget substantially lower than that required for a custom home.

When choosing a semi-custom home, a builder usually presents you with several home style and floor plan options. You are then presented with choices in things such as appliances, cabinetry, lighting fixtures, and similar items via “budget allowances.”

For example, the builder may allow you a $2500 budget allowance toward the purchase of kitchen appliances that you want installed in the home. This allowance was built into the price of the home, so if you exceed the allowance, then you pay the additional costs out of pocket.

When building a semi-custom home you also have choices in various building options such as attached or additional garage stalls, deck sizes, whether the home includes a fireplace, or leaving certain spaces in the home such as attics or basements unfinished. Semi-custom homes offer a moderate degree of flexibility at a more moderate cost.

When deciding to build a custom or semi-custom home, keep in mind that it will require time and commitment on your part. Even when working with an experienced, quality builder you will be required to make many choices and put in a fair amount of time and work to bring your home to completion. You will be required to make decisions you would not have had to make if you had gone the non-custom route.

However, for most of those that choose a custom or semi-custom home experience, it is highly positive experience and well worth the time and extra effort in the end.

When choosing to build a custom or semi-custom home, it is extremely important that you choose an experienced custom home builder. For more information about hiring the right builder for you, see our article, Home Builders in Missoula – How to Choose the Best One for You.