Commercial Building Services in Missoula & Western Montana

The Design-Build Advantage

In these fast-moving, fast-changing times, it is the ancient concept of a “master builder” that provides the disciplined approach and accountability needed to successfully accomplish developers’ and investors’ goals.

Edgell Building Incorporated has developed professional Design-Build services in the image of the master builder, providing one-to-one responsiveness, a single source accountability, and hands-on control throughout every phase in the life of a project.

The Design-Build approach establishes the level of management control so important for success in these challenging times. In order to preserve the fiscal integrity of a project, while retaining complete control of the regulatory and design stages (which can be two of the most critical areas of cost overruns), it becomes the master builder, or project manager who assumes the risks and becomes accountable for the project, from inception through completion.

Defining the Project

Initially, Edgell will assemble the Design-Build team to meet with the owner to analyze requirements, determine objective and priorities, and develop a clear-cut understanding of the project concept and scope. Size, aesthetics, flexibility and other vital aspects are defined, expectations are aligned, and the stage is set for the project to move forward.industrial building Missoula, Montana

Planning and Design

Site analysis and acquisition, engineering, architecture, landscape and interior design endeavors are all directed by Edgell, allowing the project owner or manager to control their levels of personal involvement. The Design efforts are all conducted in concert with project life cycle planning, cost analysis, value engineering and scheduling. Closely coordinated planning and design expedites this phase of project development and facilitates a fast-track approach through hard pricing, financing and procurement and permitting.


With an in-depth understanding of the design considerations, Edgell is able to proceed through actual development and construction efficiently. Supplier and subcontractor relationships have been firmly established, priorities are clear, and Edgell as the lead orchestrator is prepared to resolve issues, troubleshoot problems and respond quickly and responsibly to change.

Edgell’s proven, in-house financial controls also enable the owner to monitor the project’s success every step of the way.

Complete Follow-Through

When construction is completed, the Design-Build team shifts its focus to overseeing the smooth delivery of the project to a satisfied owner. Finishing details and refinements, owner or tenant orientation, testing of mechanical systems, specialized interior finishing, or tenant build-out services are all important components of the delivery process. It is during this important initial occupancy period that Edgell and the owner can truly measure the performance of the Design-Build team and the success of the project.commercial building Missoula, Montana

As the lead orchestrator; with decades of experience amongst key personnel at Edgell, coupled with the full-cycle Design-Build approach, significant economies of time and money will surely be achieved. The increased responsiveness, accountability and disciplined quality and financial control are essential to successful project development in these dynamic times.

Edgell Building works on commercial building projects of varying sizes. In Missoula and Western Montana you will find Edgell commercial structures such as restaurants, office buildings, and light industrial buildings with wood and metal structures. Some of our commercial projects are featured below.